Produk Urikase dari Bacillus sp. Kontaminan Laboratorium

leka lutpiatina


Urease is an enzyme catalyst in the reaction of oxidation of uric acid into Allantoin. Oxidation of uric acid by the enzyme has become a basic principle of measurement of uric acid levels in the human body. This research to know urikase derived from the bacterium Bacillus sp that contaminate the air Laboratory of Microbiology Department of Health Analyst Banjarmasin. The research is descriptive survey. Airborne bacteria were isolated and identified for Bacillus sp. The identification is done by examination of macroscopic, microscopic and biochemical tests subsequently performed tests using nutrient agar medium containing 0.2% of uric acid. Results of the study showed there were two isolates of Bacillus sp and obtained clear zone on both these isolates. Conclusions of research there are contaminants Bacillus sp. as much as 40% in the laboratory. 100% of the yield urikase Bacillus sp. Urikase advice from Bacillus sp can be used as an alternative reagent uric acid probes spectophotometric method.


Bacillus sp; Laboratory of Bacterial Contamination

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