Kulit Pisang Kepok (Musa paradisiaca L.) untuk Menurunkan Kadar Mangan Air Sumur


  • Anny Thuraidah
  • jasmadi Joko Kartiko
  • Lailan Febry Ariyani




manganese, kepok banana shell


Abstract: Water is an essential requirement. Part of Indonesian people still using well as the source of water Resulting from the increased of human activity and industries, the well water maybe contaminated by manganese ( Mn). That is needed processing to make well water usefull for mankind. One of the type for processing water is the absorbtion methode .Banana shell was kitchen waste and the dried of Kepok Banana (Musa paradisiaca) Shell was used as adsobent to reduce Manganese level in water. This study aimed to determine the reduce of Manganese level in water. This research was real experiment pretest and posttest study design with a control group. Persulfate research instruments colorimetric and spectrophotometric measurements. The addition of the dose banana shell were 0,06 ; 0,07; 0,08; 0,09; 0,1 gram . By those dose cumulatively decreased to 0; 21,84; 32,34; 44,56; and 52,92%. The Manganese maximum reduced by 0,1 gram dried banana shell in 100 cc well water in 30 minutes. Stastically , the significan value was 0,000 less than 0,05(α) , it was meant that the variety dose of dried Kepok banana shell influence to decrease Manganese level in water. These decreased way can be used as an alternative to increase the water quality.




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Thuraidah, A., Kartiko, jasmadi J., & Ariyani, L. F. (2015). Kulit Pisang Kepok (Musa paradisiaca L.) untuk Menurunkan Kadar Mangan Air Sumur. Medical Laboratory Technology Journal, 1(1), 19–26. https://doi.org/10.31964/mltj.v1i1.3