Angka Kuman pada Beberapa Metode Pencucian Peralatan Makan

Brilian Rizky Ananda, Laily Khairiyati


One of the food hygiene and sanitation efforts that must be implemented by the Nutrition Installation is to maintain the hygiene quality of tableware consider the equipment as a source of food contaminants. The purpose of this research was to know the effectiveness of washing the tableware method to decrease the bacterial number. The research method uses true experimental design. The research design used was posttest only control group design and sampling technique was simple random. Instruments in the research is a set of tools for experiment, sampling, and examination. The independent variable in this research is washing method on the tableware using method A, B, and C while the dependent variable is the number of a bacteria of tableware. The results showed that the number of tableware bacteria in Sambang Lihum Psychiatric Hospital exceeded of the standard/not qualified, except on washing method A which fulfilled the requirement that is under 100 colony/cm2 of tool surface. The conclusion of this research is there is a significant difference to the three washing methods which is shown with the p-value of 0,027. Need to do further research on the washing process by adding sterilization process


angka kuman; peralatan makan

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