Kadar Logam Timbal (Pb) dalam Darah Penjual Klepon


  • Yayuk Kustiningsih
  • Noni Fitriyanti
  • Nurlailah Nurlailah




penjual kelepon, logam timbal (Pb) dalam darah


A kelepon seller is one of the groups susceptible to metal pollution from motor vehicle emissions from the tetraethyl-Pb and tetramethyl-Pb combustion products that are always added to motor vehicle fuel. Lead metal has a negative impact on the environment including human health. The first effect of chronic Pb poisoning before reaching the target organ is the presence of hemoglobin synthesis disorder so that the hemoglobin level decreases.The effect of lead poisoning in the blood can occur if the Pb content is more 70 ug/dl or 0.7 ppm which will lead to anemia. This study aims to determine a level of lead metal in the blood of kelepon seller that exceeds the threshold. Descriptive survey research method with cross-sectional design on the sample from 15 respondents. The lead metal (Pb) in the blood is measured using an Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (SSA) device. The result of the research shows that there are 13 respondents (86,7%) whose Pb metal content exceeds the blood lead threshold that is 20 ug / dL or 0,20 ppm. The highest level of lead in the blood of the respondents was 0.73 ppm and the lowest was 0.10 ppm. Two respondents with lead in blood less than 0.20 ppm are known to always use personal protective equipment while working, even though the working time is 6-10 hours/day. It is advisable to conduct further research by examining Hb levels and abnormalities of erythrocytes in the blood of the kelepon seller and conducting similar research




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Kustiningsih, Y., Fitriyanti, N., & Nurlailah, N. (2017). Kadar Logam Timbal (Pb) dalam Darah Penjual Klepon. Medical Laboratory Technology Journal, 3(2), 47–52. https://doi.org/10.31964/mltj.v3i2.168




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